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🕊Saturday Worship Celebration 🕊 PART 1

👶🏼 Baby Presentation 🤲🏽

🎓Discipleship Graduation 🎓 

📖Elevation & Ordination 📖

📜Historic Night📜 PART 1

🕊Saturday Worship Celebration 🕊 PART 2

From 👶🏼 Baby Presentation 🤲🏽

🎓Discipleship Graduation 🎓

📖Elevation & Ordination 📖

📜Historic Night📜 PART 2 Pastoral Ordination

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Thursday’s Bible Study: Abraham, Friend of God.

🕊Saturday Worship Celebration🕊: The Cave of Adullam

Thursday’s Bible Study: The Stages Of Noah (Rest)

🕊Saturday Worship Celebration🕊 Go And Sin No More

Thursday Bible Study: Flood To Tower. Noah To Nimrod

🕊Saturday Worship Service🕊 Forgiveness- "It's Not Fair?"

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